Leon is a colorful colonial-style city in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico and is currently recognized as the “World Capital of Shoes” all over the world, annually exporting more than 25 million pairs of shoes renowned for their fine leather of high quality, comfort, and the versatility of their styles and designs. Historians registered this picturesque city as a manufacturer of leather shoes as far back as 1645 and a union formed as early as 1808 for the workers of this important industry. Previously, Leon had focused on agriculture and cattle-raising and due to the latter activity, another essential industry developed quickly to facilitate the growth of the shoe industry in Leon, the tanner industry. 

With this new industry, the leather of the finest quality was produced and enhanced the quality of the shoe industry so much that almost every home in Leon at that time, became a family workshop dedicated to the making of shoes and other leather products. By 1645, shoemaking had flourished extensively throughout Leon allowing the people of Leon, Guanajuato to become expert craftsmen. The cobblers from this vicinity, consequently, passed their talent in creating fine shoes and accessories on to their offspring, and thus, the making of shoes increased considerably. With the completion of the railway in both the U.S.A. and Mexico, the craftsmen were able to export their products to the U.S.A.  Texas was the first state of the U.S. which bought large quantities of shoes from Leon and soon after, Leon was selling their wares all throughout the U.S.A.

Nowadays, Leon is becoming an increasingly fast-growing international industrial city and the pioneer to the shoe industry in Mexico proudly gives way to at least 3,400 shoe manufacturers, suppliers of textiles, and insoles, in addition to other materials needed to produce not only the finest leather shoes but also boots, purses, belts, jackets, coats, and many other fantastic leather accessories. Currently, almost 70% of the shoes made in Mexico are produced in Leon, Guanajuato. Mexico produces and exports more than 100 international brands to more than 60 countries throughout the world. Another attractive asset for these countries is that Mexico has no import tariff in 44 countries.

So it is no wonder that Leon has achieved a reputation and a title as the “Shoe Capital of the World” and as it continues to entice consumers to its exquisite quality of leather and glamorous styles of footwear, it allows its customers to bask in the blissful comfort of its fine leather and at the same time make a fashion statement with any outfit worn. Experts have predicted that shoes and other leather products from Leon will undoubtedly continue to grow as an international product in the future. 

Customers might wonder why we manufacture our products in Mexico. There is a very simple explanation;  we produce our products in Mexico because it is our country, a source of our pride, and a piece of our souls. Our products are made of the finest quality of leather and Leon is a pioneer in the process of making leather and shoes we would love to offer through our wares the finest craftsmanship and artistry of our designs and a piece of our incredible heritage.

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