Fast fashion has slowly risen to the top of the apparel industry in the past few decades. It has become the trend to buy articles of clothing that are easily obtainable, yet at the same time, just as easily disposable. The same idea applies to shoes that people wear in their daily lives as well; to work, parties, events, and more. Furthermore, it has become increasingly difficult to find a pair of shoes that look good, stick with fashion trends, are comfortable, and most importantly, last long, and are worth their price.

It should be a priority for consumers to understand the production process of these goods, in addition to what exactly is going into the products they are buying, Here at Hilling Boots, we provide all the details of our products from start to finish, and a main part of our boots use the “welting method.”  

So what exactly is the “welt” of a shoe? Well, connected right above the sole which cushions your boots is what is known as the WELT.  It binds the different parts of the boots together, which include the upper part through and the sole itself, almost like the foundation of a house.

There are many common types of welt used in shoes today, ranging from the most basic Cementing to the most common Blake Welting to the highest quality there is to offer: Goodyear Welt.

So what exactly are they and what are their pros and cons? Cementing is the most common non-welting method consisting of using adhesive to attach the upper and lower parts of a shoe together. The pros for the manufacturers; they’re cheap and quick to produce. The cons for the consumers?  Not very long-lasting and extremely uncomfortable. Horrible for the customers, of course. This method means that these shoes have the shortest lifespan before they stop tearing and end up in the trash.

Next, there’s Blake Welting, which is a welting method consisting of using adhesives and traditional welting methods. This method is a bit special in that it consists of wrapping the insole inside the upper part and then the sole is attached underneath. Then it is all secured together with a singular stitch through all the same point layers. The pros for the customer? They CAN be resoled, The cons?  The boots can only be resoled with a specific blake machine, meaning that they will be pricier as it requires higher maintenance and care, and on top of that, they are more difficult to resole due to this special welting method.

Of utmost importance is the Goodyear Welt, which we proudly showcase in all our Hilling Boots brand for daily life boots. It is the traditional welting method that has been used the longest but also requires the most labor on our company’s part. In turn, our customers order and receive boots of the highest quality, which last the longest, and are the most comfortable. A Goodyear Welt requires many procedures to complete, which consist of preparation for stitching, as well as reinforcing the boot so as to make it last much longer than other products, and finally, hand-stitching them altogether through the rib, welt, and the upper part of the boot. The pros of a Goodyear Welt are labeled all throughout; they can be resoled easily, hold up well, and are of the highest quality welting available in boots. 

The cons? They can be a bit on the pricier side, but that is made up for through the quality of the shoes as well as the number of years they can last compared to traditional shoes sold on the market. Hilling Boots, sewn using the Goodyear Welting method are the finest quality of boots you can find on the market due to the extra care put into the production process. We ensure comfort, quality, and long-lasting boots that will make you and your feet absolutely ecstatic! When the soles are worn down, the boots can simply be taken to a cobbler who can resole them, thus guaranteeing years and years of use of our wonderful Hilling Boots and shoes. We also provide a shoe care guide with every order and it can be found on our website as well. 

Eager to walk on clouds? Don’t wait a minute more! Come on! Remember Hilling Boots, Goodyear Welt; the highest quality of boots you’ll ever find are waiting just for you!

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