These  are the kind of boots that you would wear to a party, to work on a casual Friday, on a date or just walking through the city or in the outdoors on a walking trail. Although our boots are made with quality materials, these are not properly designed as hard work boots.

Yes! The rubber in your boots can be resoled. All you need to do is to take the boots to the cobbler of your preference and choose from  his  inventory the new rubber outsoles you would like to have now. It will be a simple job for the cobbler to do.

While your boots are not designed to be submerged in deep areas of water, they are capable of withstanding light wet weather conditions keeping your feet dry.

At Hilling we use the best quality materials to craft our footwear. We use fine quality whole leather for the upper and use calf leather for the inner lining. The sole is made of leather and rubber which makes the footwear very durable. Under the inner sole, there is a flexible polyurethane foam which helps provide comfort while absorbing moisture.

Our boots are manufactured under the ancient  technique  Goodyear welt construction which means that this is the superior construction method within the leather footwear industry. Goodyear Welt is still considered an “artwork” in shoemaking given its many advantages such as maximum comfort, original form preservation, flexibility, insulation, and the easy repairing. This Goodyear Welt technique consists in stretching the upper over a last and bring it together with the insole, mid-sole, and welt using what we call a welt-stitch along with the rapid stitch  that holds the entire operation together to provide supreme strength and durability.

Our boots sizes are: 8 – 8.5 – 9 – 9.5 – 10  – 10.5 – 11 – 11.5 – 12 – 13. And the width we have is “E” width, which is very standard to a regular shoe size you would normally wear. However, regarding  boots some people prefer to order half or one size larger for boots. At the end, the choice will be up to you. There isn’t much difference between one half size and another so we would say that yes you might want to consider going for a larger size. Anyways, remember that you count with our exchange policy in case  you need another size.