Hilling boots are the kind of boots that you would wear to a party, the office, on a date, a walk through the city, or in the outdoors on a walking trail. Although we make our boots with high-quality materials, these boots are more casual and not recommended for industrial, construction, or hard work because of their leather outsole.

Yes! The rubber in your boots can be resoled. All you need to do is take your Hilling boots to your cobbler and choose from his or her inventory the new rubber outsoles that you would like to have now. It will be a simple job for the cobbler to do.

While your boots are not designed to be submerged in deep areas of water, they are capable of withstanding light wet weather conditions keeping your feet dry.

At Hilling, we use the best quality materials to craft our footwear. We use fine quality full-grain leather for the upper and use calf leather for the inner lining. The sole is made of leather and rubber, which makes the footwear very durable. Under the inner sole, there is a flexible polyurethane foam that provides comfort while absorbing moisture.

Our boots are manufactured under the ancient technique Goodyear welt construction, which means that this is the superior construction method within the leather footwear industry. Goodyear Welt is still considered an “artwork” in shoemaking given its many advantages such as maximum comfort, original form preservation, flexibility, insulation, and easy repairing. This Goodyear Welt technique consists of stretching the upper over a last and bring it together with the insole, mid-sole, and welt using what we call a welt-stitch along with the rapid stitch that holds the entire operation together to provide supreme strength and durability.

MENWOMENOur Boots’Measurements
UScm.EuropeUSLength in  InchesWidth in Inches
826419.510 1/43 15/16
8.526.541.51010 7/164
9274210.510 9/164 1/16
9.527.542.51110 13/164 1/8
10284312114 1/4
10.528.543.511 ¼4 5/16
11294411 ½4 5/16
11.529.54511 9/164 7/16
12304611 13/164 7/16
13314712 1/44 1/2
  • Width: “EE” width size is wide enough to fit most feet in various foot shapes. “EE” widths are considered to be wide for men and extra-wide for women.
  • Height:   6 3/4 inches from the outsole to the top
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds (670 grams) per boot.
Please note:
  1. The size of our boots fits true to size.   Please use your best judgment to determine your fit preference, whether you prefer your footwear to fit snug or roomy. This is a helpful guide, but your personal experience may be different even on footwear of the same kind and brand.
  2. Like any other part of the body, feet measure differently and in a unique way from individual to individual.  In case you are not sure what size you are, we recommend you mark the contour of your feet on a piece of paper. Then proceed to measure the most distant points to obtain the measurements of the length and width. Then refer to our chart above to determine which size fits best for you according to our boot measurements.
  3. These boots will likely fit well as long as your feet do not require extra wide/width shoes.

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Hilling boots and belts are crafted handcrafted with care and passion by highly experienced shoe and leather craftsmen. We are one of the few companies that can proudly say that it was created in León México, our community, and renowned as the Americas’ leather capital or Shoe Capital of the World with centuries-old history craftsmanship.

Once we have received your product, it might take up to ten business days to inspect the product. Once the product is inspected we will send you a notification email with the status. Refunds can take up to twelve business day to show in your account after you have received the refund confirmation email.

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