We are a proudly American and Mexican family-owned business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We bring the best of both cultures to you in our boots. Urban and young spirited, our team offers a fresh and new option in urban boots that combines our unique urban style with the top-quality leathers, and comfort for an active lifestyle.

How Hilling ® was born

When Stella and Charles joined their lives, they found the fusion of their different cultural backgrounds could create a singular and interesting project that now can be shared with urban boot lovers. We are Hilling® Boots!

Charles & Stella love walking together in the streets of S.F, and in one of their walks they imagined the perfect boot that could take one through different terrains not only in comfort but also versatile, updated, trendy, fun and modern styling.  Goodbye boring classical. That was how Hilling® was born, walking the steep hills of San Francisco, California.

As they traveled back to Stella’s town in León México, Charles was fascinated to discover all the amazing footwear being crafted at the capital Leather of Las Americas. Stella and Charles got their boots for their own personal use. Wanting to share, later, along with an experienced team and reliable investors, they decided to craft their ideal boot that meets the three essential standards rarely found together in any other pair of boots:  quality, comfort, and especially style (Q,C,S).

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Important features


Hilling® Boots are handcrafted with care and passion by highly experienced shoe craftsmen using the time-tested old technique of Goodyear Welt. Engineered to last: 100% Full Grain Leather, sturdy construction, an enduring beautiful leather midsole and a stylish rubber outsole that can be resoled


As comfortable as walking in athletic shoes: padded calf lining interior which makes these boots extra comfy that gives you a glove like feel to your feet. Three layers of padded comfort to absorb shock impact as you walk, hike, or perform your favorite activities. Feel the difference!


A mix of classy, trendy, rugged yet very UNIQUE. No matter your lifestyle and preferences, we are certain one of our boot styles will fit yours. Never look out of place between the urban city streets, the hiking trails or your office.

We appreciate

At Hilling® we like to contribute to serious associations. We are currently promoting our campaign high five for the DAV.   In that spirit we will donate a portion of our proceeds to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) association,  honoring the work of  the men and women who have served our country in the past.   That means that with each online purchase of a pair of boots, Hilling® will contribute $5 to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).  Many thanks to you too.

This is who we are and what we do: Hilling® Boots!